Jezebel, Daughter of Ethbaal, King of Sidon, Wife of Ahab, King of northern Israel, written about in the Hebrew book of Kings is associated with false prophets. Jezebel tried to drive out the true prophets of Jehovah from the land, and thus became the first religious female persecutor in history. In the 20th Century Jezebel also became associated with abandoned or fallen women.

My best moments are those when I get home after a night shift. Sleep deprivation energises me, but not in a crazy way. My mind is able to think, and construct, and I am calm while this happens. Don't get me wrong, around 4am I'm fighting with all the will in the world to stay awake, but that passes (it always passes).

There's a song lyric that goes along the lines of "It's always darkest before the dawn", I'm not sure if that's true, but I do know there is something cleansing about seeing in a new day.

Anyway, enough about that.

I'm trying to avoid the news, or at least, the mainstream-Murdoch-owned news. Politics has appeared to get very tit-for-tat of late and I don't have the energy for it. Nationally it seems that the Conservatives will stop at nothing to discredit Labour and Corbyn, I'm surprised that there is no case for libel when sound-bites are misquoted in the press on an almost daily basis.

It should be no surprise to anyone that politically I align with the left. I think Corbyn is good and I think we need him, I don't think he's unelectable and he reminds me of my tutor in my second year of university. I didn't vote for the Government we currently have, and I don't know anyone who did, I know one person that did. I know more people that have been negatively affected by Conservative policies, than positively (and no, I'm not talking about benefit sanctions).

I'm concerned that as a country, we have not learnt from our previous mistakes.

Jezebel considered Jehovah as only a local deity, and sought to covert Israel to Baal worship. Jezebel sprang from an idolatrous family, the same which also produced the greatest soldier of old, Hannibal, whose temper was not more daring and unforgiving than hers.

On raising my concerns with my Mother, she highlighted that I probably wouldn't be happy with any Government in power. I'm difficult to please and have a terrible habit of dissecting and analysing things until I've pulled it all apart and destroyed it. I have high standards, and those high standards are applied to myself as much as anyone. I've mentioned before how I am my own harshest critic - and in simplest terms that can be seen in my face. When stressed I can stand in front of the mirror looking for imperfections, once found I will dig with my nails, tweezers, leaving a scab that I try to pull from my face over and over again. In bad periods I do look like I belong on faces of meth. I am the only one to blame, so no sympathy for the devil, please.

But back to Corbyn. I was impressed when he elected a Mental Health Minister, and he won me over with his support for the arts. I'm not easily won over, but it was these two points that made me really listen. I've listened to his detractors more so than his supporters, and investigated their claims - and found them left wanting. I'm aware that some may find Corbyn a little too left-wing and liberal, and in all honesty, that's your prerogative, variety is the spice of life and sometimes your idea of life and my idea of life can be combined to make something pretty damn super.

Once Jezebel knew her death were imminent, the Great-Grandmother painted her face and prepared her hair, determined to die like a Queen. As Cleopatra was robed in festal garments, Jezebel wore her crown. Jezebel was thrown from the palace tower, her blood splattered the walls and her body speared by soldiers, trampled by horses, and eaten by dogs.

COLUMNErin Veness