When Jealousy Pushes You Forward


I believe that jealousy can be a powerful tool when it comes to moving forward. A little bit of jealousy pushes you forward, the idea that if you work hard enough, if you push yourself you too can reach the same heights as others.

There is a lot of talk on the internet of how jealousy is caused by a lack of self confidence, and although that may be true (it certainly is in my case), I don't think it is always.

I really believe that you can have confidence in what you're creating but still feel jealous that you are not achieving the same recognition.

Investigating how others market and promote their work can be sparked by that initial jealousy, "Why them and not me?". Providing no-one starts tip-toeing over that line, yes that one, then jealousy becomes a useful tool in the moving forward game.

I myself have been jealousy of others, in the blogging game, it's not hard to feel envious of certain things, and so instead of sitting and upsetting myself over it, I learn, or at least try to. I've always enjoyed learning and expanding my mind. I research what it is they're doing, and then I concern myself with how that fits in my practice.


Steal like an artist, credit, transform, study, honour, remix, look stupid while you're doing it.

A lapse in concentration doesn't necessarily mean that anyone should be lynched but it should always be a consideration. There is merit in taking a moment to really analyse what you're doing. That although there is nothing wrong with being jealous, I'm sure everyone has been jealous at some point, it's what we do with that jealousy that matters.

Some people can be consumed by it, where-as I prefer to use it to push me forward, and this only came about when I realised it was jealousy eating me up from the inside out. When jealousy pushes you forward you can learn so many new things. Such as how to turn an image into a vector, and surprisingly, basic code. The more you know...

I don't advocate getting jealous, but when that pang hits, I advocating turning the jealousy into something positive. Learning the skills that impress you, and turning those skills to fit your purpose.

Maybe let jealousy inspire you instead of restrict you, and please don't ask me how, because I'm only just learning myself.


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