An Introduction to - Mark Thomas


Do you know who Mark Thomas is? You should, he's pretty damned funny.

I was introduced to Mark Thomas through best friend, who provided me his book (As Used On The Famous Nelson Mandela: Underground Adventures in the Arms and Torture Trade) to read while I was staying in one of the NHS's delightful psych wards. Don't say my friends don't bring me inspirational and heartwarming gifts while I'm slowly trying to find my mind again.

Just before Christmas I saw him live, a benefit for Hastings Furniture Service (who do some absolutely awesome work, they really do). Not only is Mark hilarious, he is intelligent, which is my favourite combination of satire.

Mark Thomas is a 'Domestic Extremist' and honestly, I want to be one too. It sounds like angry ironing doesn't it? The domestic extremist title is from a police list, of which many journalists are on, none have criminal histories, they're just there because they've previously reported on police and corporate wrong doing...

Police files released to Mark after he made an FoI [Freedom of Information] request include notes of him attending demonstrations, carrying a tray of cress and “appearing confident”.

Mark also committed himself to 100 acts of minor dissent over the course of a year. Some are hilarious, some are fairly serious but most of them highlight things that need changing, for instance, John Lewis spent £7 Million on their Christmas advert, they pay their cleaners less than £7 p/h.

Mark Thomas is one of those people that makes me want to go out and commit some acts of Dissent myself. (This is the part where my family that read my blog panic that I'm going to end up a career criminal). After his year of 100 acts of Dissent, Mark held an exhibition of the graphics, video footage, and other collateral from the year long project at Sheffield's Millennium Gallery in 2014. Considering Mark's art teacher told him he'd never be an artist, that's pretty damn awesome, isn't it?

For more on Mark, visit his website.