Inspiration from Instagram

I'm spending more time on instagram than anywhere else and I'm spending more time trying to screenprint. My mood is still low, so I thought beautiful images might be more worthy of sharing than me and my thoughts, my face.

Bryce Wong

Insta: bbbrycewong /Web: TheRealBryceWong 

Abstraction, line work, graphic qualities abound there is something so relatable to Wong's works. There's a good mixture for everyone, so I feel and I love the movement that is implied.

Marc Bonin

Insta: marc.bonin / Web: Oly Anger Tattoo

Bonin tattoos from Oly Anger studios in Montreal. If you too are a fan of the one line idea then maybe Marc Bonin does it for you too? If I ever had that chance to be tattooed by him I 100% would. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to get on that plane.

Mariusz Trubisz

Insta: mariuztrubisz / Facebook: Mariusz Trubisz

Mariusz works from Wroclaw in Poland and is also a tattooist, his designs are bold and simple, featuring recognisable shapes. The faceless figures entrance me and are just the right kind of creepy for me.

Adam Traves

Insta: _disinhibition / Web: Disinhibition tattoo

I didn't mean the theme to be line works, but Traves' tattoos are so simply gorgeous. The pops of pink draw the eye. Yet another individual I would love to be tattooed by.