I spend so much of my time on the internet looking at things saying "Yes, I like that", "That's pretty", "Da fuck didn't I do that?", "When am I going to have the time/space/money to do that?", occasionally even "I could execute that better".

Partly because I struggle to hold on to everything I find and also because I want to keep an online record I'm going to be throwing some of it here, and I implore you to start conversations about what you see, what do you think? Honestly?

So, first of many of my inspiration (maybe?)

Firstly, I stumbled across this photographer from one of the many art blogs I read, Valentin Chanaille (Instagram is @valentinerie) aims to capture purity and simplicity in his photographs, which he does, and so well. Living in France he seems to photograph his girlfriend so much, I almost feel like I know her, but I don't. Chanaille reminds me of another photographer that I've seen and loved, but I just, can't put my finger on it.

What do you see when you see them, do you feel like you know her, because I'm feeling hella creepy now!

The thing I notice a lot though, is that there seems to be such a thing for washed out and vintage style, which is all so very pleasing to the eye but I also love some bright, lurid, a small-child-vomitted-paint things, where are they hiding?

While literally going stupid looking at pinterest the other day I saw this :-

by Jacob Hashimoto, after scouring the internet going ga-ga over his works I found out he's exhibiting in London. London, you know, 60 miles in land, close to me, LONDON. So obviously I need to go and see some of his work, I mean, just look at this? Don't you too want to explore it and just think about other worlds? Nope? Just me? Ah ok then. The obsessiveness of making objects so similar again and again really says so much to me, and is something that really captures my eye in art.

Lastly, I want to comment on Claire Brewster, who "captures the essence of nature in everyday materials", and doesn't she just? Claire manages to use paper in such an exciting and beautiful way, also, look, multiples, yeah baby. I could sit and look at anything Claire makes all day, feeling a sense of quiet happiness and a slight bit of jealousy. The thing is I don't have a hand that steady, or even a laser cutter to hand (although I wish I did).

There's something beautiful about nature and art and combining the two, I'm so aware of my tastes and what does excite me, the things I do want to see. I'm going to leave you with another picture of Claire's stunning works because just, I'm in awe, I really am.

And yes, I did mean to write source as SAUCE, it made me laugh.

What do you think of the artworks? Tickle your fancy?