In The Light of Surrealism #2 - Hastings Arts Forum

I have a soft spot for surrealism. I think we can safely blame both Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte (we'll also throw Meret Oppenheim in there too, for good measure). 

The latest offering at the Hastings Arts Forum is based around surrealism. I stopped talking about art in Hastings so much because either the shows were lack-lustre or I was unable to take photographs, occasionally it was a combination of both. This show feels faintly different, even though I was swiftly told off for taking photographs. Whoops.

On entering I was immediately struck by the crabs, I will forever have a soft spot for anything Jo Redpath creates,  her pieces are equal parts comforting and disconcerting. Her work reminds me of childhood. The works from Fox and Hoodless remind me of Louise Bourgeois, but also of Sarah Lucas and Annette Messager. There's a feeling of womanhood imbued in there works, which fits with surrealism so well, when wasn't the experience of being a woman ever so slightly surreal?

Anthony Penrose includes works that are slightly tongue in cheek offset the show in an excellent way, when surrealism can feel like awkward poetry it's sometimes a relief to see something that could be seen as funny. In contrast Mick Rooney shows some delightfully dark pieces. 

It's a show worth seeing, and not just because three exhibitors are Royal Academicians.  Jo Welsh has curated a wonderfully succinct and engaging exhibition.

(Images pinched from Hastings Arts Forum)

ArtistsBrian Catling RA, Gus Cummins RA, Kathleen Fox, Jane Hoodless, Antony Penrose, Katherine Reekie, Jo Redpath, Tim Riddihough, Mick Rooney RA and Jacob Welsh.
Where: Hastings Arts Forum, 36 Marina, TN38 0BU
Until 3rd of September 2017