I'm Not A Designer, A Friday Freebie

mockup I know I know, I've said before I'm not a designer, and I still stand by that. I'm really not a designer, I promise. More importantly, I'm not trying to be either. The only thing I'm trying to communicate with this pattern is "hey, it's pretty and I like repetition".

A few weeks ago I started block printing again, I love block printing, there's something so calming about the repetition. Over and over again making the same shapes and seeing what patterns can come about.

The above image started out as green on white, and after scanning it in and playing about with it in illustrator and photoshop I came up with the above image, and I was happy.

So much so I set it as my desktop background, and then thought, why not offer variations on the blog? I don't generally create things for profit and this is no exception.

Free downloads for your desktop, because I can and I'm nice, and for once I'm really proud of what I've achieved.