I Wasn't Laughing At Anything In Particular



Cardigan - Ebay (?)
T-Shirt - Tracey Emin International
Trousers - Next
Shoes - Converse

Lets talks clothing for a moment, yes? I wouldn't class myself as fashionable, nor would I class myself as trying to buck trends, I wear what I find comfortable. I wear what I feel fits me, which is often trousers and a t-shirt (the t-shirt in this post is also in this one).

I would like to shop more ethically, I know that New Look, H&M, and their ilk have terrible labour practices, but rarely do I buy brand new from these places, despite the items not having long shelf lives you can often find jumpers and jeans in charity shops, which is where a large portion of my clothing does come from.

I am privileged, but I still stare at horror at a pair of trousers over £60. As much as I want to support ethical and independent retailers, £60 on a pair of trousers I don't need is excessive, that's two weeks worth of food. I am unsure how old these Next ones are, but I know that they have lasted me months and only cost £3.50 from Scope. Buying a pair of trousers form charity allows me to spend a little extra on a top or t-shirt from an independent designer. It's all about balance, isn't it?