I Am Giant: Inktober 2016


I've been quietly working away on Inktober. Like a huge number of other creatives, I discovered Inktober through instagram. Each day I spent a lot of time thinking about the prompt and the tool to use alongside the ink. Unlike #The100DayProject, I didn't and haven't and won't share everything on instagram. I have used the experience to try to push myself out of my comfort zone.

You might remember that I had felt despondent over many of my monoprints. This feeling hasn't gone away as yet, and stubbornly I am refusing to even try, which is obviously not helpful at all. The prints that were drying on the wall are still there, reminding me that I am, in some ways, stuck. No amount of glaring at them will change how they look, but the constant reminder that they're not that good is sobering and humbling.

I want to get back to monoprinting, as compared to drawing there is a feeling of chance, and the lack of control over the medium is freeing to someone who tries to control every little bit of her life in neurotic detail. Which is why I took the plunge to experiment a little more with inks. As with monoprinting, use of ink can be fragile and delicate and the chance of screwing it all up is high. Making that first mark is scary and exciting. I'm not good a relinquishing control and trusting myself, but Inktober has offered me a chance to do that, no matter how much I chose to share.