What We Know Is Almost Nothing

When you run out of inspiration, where do you go? I've been struggling with art recently, all I seem to do is do the same shit drawings of hands over and over again. I have half finished artworks and I honestly I have no idea what I'm doing with them. It's so disheartening really. So I left the house on a Sunday morning before 10 am and walked around ten miles, with the delightful boyfriend through the country park. We're pretty blessed with wide open spaces round here, and being right by the sea makes everything smell salty and slightly fishy. On a day like Sunday everything is warm and I have the petrifying fear that I may see a snake. (Luckily, I did not, hurruh). I deliberately went to the nudist beach, not to take off my clothes but apart from the few naked men and couples around, it's mainly so quiet. Just the rocks, stones and the sea, a sheltered little cove.

And of course, I had to have a paddle. (ps, I look bigger than I really am in this photo, and I feel so wary posting it).

Things are happening on the horizon, I booked a holiday to the Isle of Wight, 4 nights in August, the hotel by my own standards is terrible, but it's across from a sandy beach in the nice little town of Shanklin. I can get pissed and walk around and take photos and read books and I am determined to not think too much. I'm always so disappointed when I go anywhere else that I'm there too. I'm silently preparing myself that I too am also coming on this holiday.

Martin also bought Rise Against tickets, which I'm pretty excited for, if you follow me on twitter you'll know that I'm forever posting lyrics and youtube videos of them. Yes, I am that sad. BUT RISE AGAINST. We're also off to see The Menzingers who are supported by The Smith Street band, both gigs we'll be in London, so if you're about then, do give me a shout, we'll grab a pint and put the worlds to rights, because thats all I'm good for sometimes.

In other news, I'm still contemplating publishing a zine I spoke about a week or so ago, but I am hindered by my own self doubt, I want to go back out to Camber and Dungeness again too, so there are some day trips on the horizon and the joy that is public transport (unless of course, anyone cares to drive me, Mike, I'm looking at you).

Martin and I are also discussing moving into a bigger place, which fills me with excitement and slightly dread, finding a new, affordable place to live in this town is never easy, and there are things that I need to pay for, but I also love flat/house hunting, I'm a stickler for nosying in other peoples houses, and can spend days looking at interiors on pinterest, what are your favourites? Show me!

I'm also getting kittens very soon, and that is very VERY exciting.