Greyson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever

I really like Greyson Perry. There are certain pieces from this latest exhibition that will stay with me for a long time. 

Greyson Perry won the Turner prize in 2003, was elected a Royal Academician in 2012. In 2013 he received a CBE. Perry has also done multiple documentaries and books, and is an astute social commentator. Known for wearing a dress and making ceramic pots, Perry challenges and discusses identity with a natural flare. His work regularly challenges notions of who we are, and where we belong. 

Perry creates works with an attention to detail and succinct-ness that makes it feel like he gets me and my own issues. His own works remind me why I fell in love with art when I did. Greyson Perry sits in the space between the avant-garde and the outsiders of the art world, he allows those who 'don't get' contemporary art, an in. This is clear to see when I'm stood outside the Serpentine Gallery in a queue. I didn't even have to queue to see Ai Weiwei

I have a lot of respect for Perry and I urge you to go see the show, because honestly, it's worth it.

Greyson Perry: The most Popular art Exhibition Ever is on until the 10th September and is free entry. For more information see the Serpentine Website.