Good Evening, Clarice


I am easily attracted and obsessed by the right things. There is a pattern to the individuals I become obsessed by, and there is an easy to see formula for those relationships that cloud my mind and infiltrate my dreams. The latest that has tugged on my heart string has been Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling.

I ten out of ten recommend never getting into a relationship that is so obviously unhealthy and crosses boundaries that should never be crossed, (just going to drug you, change you into a dress, serve you some brains, and try to convince you you're my dead sister, it's all cool).

Yet, the rawness of their feelings for each other, touches my soul. The awkwardness in the way the view each other is palpable but beautiful; with each fighting their instincts and knowing one hundred percent that this is not healthy. It's like visiting that place that you know you shouldn't, because it's stupid, it's wrong, it's dangerous and doing it anyway, because, because why not?

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I can appreciate those feelings of going to the stupid place, sometimes you learn an extraordinary amount on the return.

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