Flesh Into Gear

april wearing (5 of 5).jpg

I'm somewhat behind in my blogging game because I have ideas but nothing I really wanted to share, or at least, nothing I'm ready to share. That doesn't make sense, I know what I mean. 

I have ideas of where I want to go, I'm keeping track of photographs that I've taken that worked very well indeed and photographs that could be better and then photographs that hint at where I want to go. I'm sat on a set that I took with Lily that I am excited to share but also scared for a variety of reasons, (I have shared a sneak peak on instagram though - I am not logical). I'll have more to say about that.

It's funny that laying in bed last night I had ideas of what to write, like I did when I came home from work the other day, but now, sat here, I have nothing pressing to say. I'm eating a mainly vegan diet, I accidentally cut out caffeine. My adult bad skin is still bad and I'm still unhappy with my body but I feel like I'm working towards something, and that over-shadows everything else.