Finding Creative Connections


I'm fortunate to live in an area where there is an abundance of creativity. Hastings and St Leonards are regularly being described as Shoreditch on Sea. I am surrounded by artists, musicians, writers and my boyfriend creates Paper and Ink. There is a large  wealth of talent, if you talk to anyone who aligns themselves with the title of 'artist' they'll tell you how important these creative connections are. Sitting talking shop with others in the field of 'creativity' is inspiring and warming. It also enables growth, having that person you can share an idea with is integral to learning, especially if you're learning something new. It's a tried and tested practice too, apprenticeships have happened since the days of Gustav Klimt.

One of my most inspiring friends Miss Snotflower was picked up by an accidental friending on facebook (honestly, it's the devil). Four years later though and I'm grateful I accidentally opened that line of communication. Finding other people in your field doesn't always have to be so hard, and sometimes you just need to go to the right place. The internet has allowed us to not just connect with those in other countries but also those living in our towns.

Old links I had from college led to joining of an art group and turning up at private views armed with alcohol, business cards and a touch of bravery enabled me to meet others that understood the 'art lifestyle'.

In 2011 when my first local exhibition opened, I met some lovely people, and had important conversations that I still remember now. I even had an offer of a studio space (that sadly I could not afford). I somehow stumbled around meeting a variety of people that were all amazing and inspiring until I was invited into the tribe I now work in. The cohort that is The Lights now saté my hunger for those inspiring activities and art-filled conversations.

I would have thought that maybe finding creative connections online would be easier, as I'd already traversed the mine field that is life friend making. Some would class me as a introvert because around new people I'm quiet and cannot abide small talk, and with the internet a wealth of introverts, maybe it was always going to be seen as easier; and maybe that was a mistake on my part.

I've found that the internet, and the blogging world, full of clever designers and beautiful photographers, can be closed and cliquey. These things though, such as friendships and meaningful connections, they take time. There is a ridiculous number of blogs out there, varying in topics, themes and quality.

It's becoming harder and harder to stand out, and it's difficult to find what you're really after.

What I am grateful for is the ability to connect with other creatively minded people. From those that discuss starting up a business to those taking the most stunning photographs to those providing design tips; there is something to be learned. The vein of inspiration from the world that runs through anyone who aligns themselves with the 'creative' lifestyle is electric. There's a passion to move forward, to be the best that we can be and a challenge to ourselves, and that throughout it all, we can do it.

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