Favourite: Yuka Yamaguchi

Yuka Yamaguchi is a self taught artist based in Canada, born in Kobe, Japan. In 2006 Yamaguchi decided to take her drawing more seriously, translating the images she saw in her mind onto paper with colour pencils. In 2004, Yuka Yamaguchi began to exhibit her works and since then has gained more and more recognition, through the exhibiting of her works, but also interviews and artists talks.

There is something absolutely fascinating about Yuka Yamaguchi's works. They remind me of some of my scarier dreams, but also of childhood innocence. Her drawings contain a whimsical surrealism that is at once, light and care-free but hints at darker ideas that are hidden deep within. Yamaguchi's works challenge how we perceive gender, but also how we relate to our childhood selves. Many of the drawings Yuka creates remind me of other artists, such as Mark Ryden, who is also famed for his depictions of fawn-like-wide-eyed-youths.

There's a simplicity to Yuka Yamaguchi's drawings, that I really really like, and after reading her blog, I would definitely like to have a tea with her and inspect the fascinating mind that comes up with these images.

I want to be an ugly flying invisible woman, who worries about her appearance even though no one can see her.

Yuka Yamaguchi, Art Junkie Interview