Favourite: Leopold Rabus


Leopold Rabus paints the most awkward and beautifully surreal images. There's something about the slightly off and gruesome characters in his paintings that capture me and my imagination. I think of the most bizarre stories. I'm reminded of Carlton Mellick. I think of The Brothers Grimm and their fascinating and morbid tales.

Sometimes it's the dark that truly captivates me.

Leopold Rabus is a Swiss artist, who has also (by the looks of things) studied in France. Concerned with the essence of life and the little details, Rabus' works discuss ephemeral moods and moments (but then again, doesn't all art?). As part of his artists practice there are also installations, which again reflect Leopold Rabus' investigations into the repetitions of small town living, I can appreciate and relate to the philosophical ideas behind his works. Living in a small town you meet people who fit into archetypes, you meet people that play out their parents, their grandparents lives. You meet generations on generations of families that are intwined, for better or worse.

For more on Leopold Rabus see his website.

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