Favourite: Ian Francis


[my work is] about pornography and news reports from war zones rather than sex and death.

Ian Francis makes me wish I could paint. There are very few painters I can say that about, but it's not just the paintings that fascinate me, but the titles. Coupled with Francis' emotive paintings, I feel like I'm reading a disjointed story, I'm seeing into a moment in time that could be tangible if only I had the power to break the barrier between seeing and being.

Originating from the West Country, Francis graduated in 2001 and has exhibited regularly since then. His images are powerful and thought provoking, they draw the eye with layers and an intelligent use of medium. Uncomfortable, dramatic but still beautiful; pieces such as 'Two People Arrive In The Lobby With Perfect Hair and Make-Up' and 'A Girl Catches a Train Twice in London (II)' are burned into my mind, paintings that I continue to remember every time I pick up a pencil.

Ian Francis

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