Favourite: David Shrigley


I have probably mentioned David Shrigley before, but who cares when everything he creates is awesome? If I remember rightly, Shrigley either didn't get his art degree or came out with a 2:2 or lower, which just goes to show an art degree is not everything.

I could gush about how I love his drawings, I love the books he creates and everything else that you can get that has the David Shrigley touch, but I'm only going to highlight one of my favourite pieces he's ever done: - Life Model (2012).

Playing on the idea of the art students love or hate for life drawings, Shrigley has created a sculpture of a person in his distinctive style, a humanoid creature with animatronic features, visitors are encouraged to take up an easel and to sketch this life m0del, and to add their drawings to the collection. Wether you love or loathe life drawing (I skate the in-between) I think this is still an awesome thing to be part of, if you ever get the chance.

David Shrigley


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