Favourite: Blaise Cepis


I need to try to remember how I stumble across certain photographers and artists. My organisation is pitiful and knowing how I found those that excite me would be incredibly useful as then I can find links and it'll help me make sense of other things.

Anyway, Blaise Cepis. When it comes to photography I'm quite boring really, I know what I like and I know why I like it. Cepis though, was a curve ball. These images I've included are captivating, with my renewed interest in how we view and consume the human figure, how we identify, and how identity is formed, these images scream everything to me. They're jarring and interesting, displaying how the human form can interact with, and be interacted with. A critical gaze on parts of figures that say more about what is hidden than what is visible.

I'm drawn to little details in these images, finger nails, a mole, a hair, a tattoo. I'm interested in stories behind the images. I'm thinking about how a photograph of a body can be manipulated, what can be hidden, what can be edited and where beauty does lie.

For more check out Blaise Cepis: website / instagram / tumblr

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