Drawing Exercises For The Uninspired: Part Two


Lets have another post in the drawing exercises for the uninspired series shall we? Feeling any more inspired yet? Me neither. Good isn't it? Anywayyyy, this week I've been doing some blind contour drawing. Drawings created like this are always interesting to look at, and can convey so much of how we see the world, or they can look like a scribbly mess, either is fine. Personally, I find when drawing like this, to just work on large pieces of paper and draw over the top of myself; it makes it slightly more interesting to look at.

Drawing Exercises For The Uninspired: Part Two

Blind Contour Drawing

Find a pen, find a pencil, find a drawing instrument. Find something, anything to draw. Put that pen or pencil to the paper and just look at your subject. Don't take that pen off the paper, don't look at the paper. Focus on your subject; it's the only thing in the whole world right now.

Finished? Look at your paper.

It's fabulous, just like you.