Dot To Dot - Dot London


This was disappointing. Dot to Dot from Dot London had so much potential. The basic premise is (from their website) "a digital art initiative celebrating the capital’s dynamic creativity and its intersection with technology."

Except it doesn't really, at least, I don't think so.

On further investigation, Dot to Dot is a marketing tool for Dot London, a domain hosting site, and the idea is good, but could be so much better. For starters, trying to find the artworks was painful, except the one in Borough Market. The artworks featured on the Dot to Dot, Dot London site are pretty interesting, some of the artists I have bookmarked for further investigation. I have no issues with art being used as a marketing tool, as one could say that graphic design is artistic marketing, just Dot to Dot could be something spectacular. There's confusion too, surrounding the name, Dot To Dot London, when searched, is also a design trade show for children's brands. I'm not in marketing, but that seems like a large over-sight.

Within the remit of what I can only guess was 'art and technology and engagement' I could have done something so much more, and I would go into those ideas in more detail, but I'm keeping them for myself and The Discursive Gallery.

Anyway, enough of what was bad, and onto what was good.


The idea of searching out, or stumbling across satellite exhibitions that relate to an online directory or gallery is fun. I've seen QR codes used to enhance this experience. The artists who have exhibited and lent their work to Dot London have honed their craft and create works that the viewer wants to investigate (thednafactory, Stuart Semple and Gregoire A Meyer to name some).

The artists and artwork included in Dot London push the idea of what art is, how art works with technology, and how we view exhibitions into new territory. There is a collision of street art and internet art, it's all thought provoking and in some ways, quite clever. It also pushed me into new spaces, leading me to investigate the One New Change building while on the hunt for one of the artworks. I'm unsure if I found it or not, but I did get this stunning view of the London skyline.