Does Art Need To Be Relatable?


Does the best art need to be relatable?

Sometimes when I look at a piece of art work I'm right there, my emotions are invested from the second I see it, other times I have no emotional attachment, which is more than ok, the artist isn't making work solely for me. I have the education behind me to open up other conversations and look at the artwork a different way, appreciate the medium, the subject matter and not the emotion.

Looking at art sparks my imagination, certain pieces more than others, but it also encourages me to think, to use my intelligence that sometimes I'm so scared of losing.

Not all the artwork I like reflects me in a guise I know and recognise. Although, to be honest, most of it reflects one of my multi-faceted personality. I like looking and experiencing art that makes me appreciate so much more than emotion. Tracey Emin and My Bed too me around 6 years to empathise with on more than a fact-based level, and I can only do that now because although the work for me wasn't initially relatable, it piqued my interest enough to work at attaching my emotions to the piece to better understand it.

I am always humbled when someone, anyone either relates or empathises to my art words, my words, it makes me feel more connected, but like so many other artists, I'm not making art for anyone else but me baby.

All my artworks, be it drawings, prints or sculptural installations come initially from that dark, nasty, scary place in which my mind and occasionally my body has taken up residence.

Heartache + Artwork = Heartworks

Do you know what's been really exciting of late though? My laptop charger has broken, for my laptop to work I have to have it off to charge it. I can only use my laptop for as long as the battery lasts. It's good for me, who has a tendency to sit reading mundane articles about art art art and not actually doing art. I'm making again, I'm thinking again.

Sometimes, for those of us, the internet can be an all to easy way of avoiding the stimulus and the anxiety that life can bring. But I'm fighting it, from my little corner over here.

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