Diary of A Screen Printer


I ordered a Procion Printing kit a few months ago now, as I'd done Procion printing at college and university and enjoyed the results.. The package never actually arrived, and looking back, that's a magical blessing. Sometimes, something out there is pushing you and I in a better direction.

Or maybe it was just a life thing that happened.

Instead I commandeered a screen printing set that I'd bought for Martin for Christmas and was immediately transported back to my drunken college days. My body and mind remembered the process, and how-to's, and the repetition of printing has provided me solace in such a tumultuous time.

I said awhile ago I was looking to pattern, to sequence and maths to provide comfort; and this is displayed in out pouring that I continue to list on etsy.

Mother totem print, on sale at comadiary.etsy.com

I'm painting all the screens by hand, seeking perfection and order. There's a mindfulness associated with it that I'm sure my old psychologist would jump for joy at.  By jove, she's got it ladies and gentlemen.

There's a hope attached to all this printing. Of which I don't want to say too much, but it feels good and it feels right; and more than that, it feels possible.

I'm getting to the point where I'm inspiring myself, to be better and to make the prints better. I'm enjoying the process of sifting through the 20 or so prints and finding that each time, there are more that I'm happy with. Training my eye so that I can look at prints and decide resolutely that maybe that didn't quite work.

origami bird print, on etsy at comadiary.etsy.com

Lather, cleanse, repeat.

The whole exercise is confidence building too, I've had several others say how much they like that it is I'm doing (Sophie, Cat, Kelly) which only encourages me. When I've not always had confidence, this is new and pushing me out of my comfort zone; and that in itself is a good thing. Leaving my comfort zone is encouraging growth, it's exploring new territories with a medium and process that protect me.

Every time I sell something my heart jumps a little, especially as I'm not working. Or I am working, but I'm working for myself and even £30 is helping balance the costs of living that Martin is taking on himself. (+ you mean so much to me).

So, yes. This is what I'm working on currently, as I've been so quiet about it of late. Welcome to the future, she said.