Creative unBlock: Project No.19

The Project:

I challenge you to make something and leave it somewhere public -somewhere it might be found. Something not too grand or careful, but honest and perhaps lovely. When you're creating it, think about one person happening upon it. Make them a message. If you enjoy this feeling of caring about something without feeling precious about it, do it again.

This project is set by Toronto-based Amanda Happe. Happe creates the most wonderfully composed paintings and I've been a long time admirer.

So for this project, I kind of cheated - but, BUT, I did really enjoy it so no doubt I'll do it again. I ended up taking some prints out with me and leaving them in public toilets.


I'm going to do this again, in fact I'm making it part of my routine to drop a print or two in my bag and leave them in public toilets on the regular. It's fun and it makes me feel good in a bizarre fashion. I don't know and I don't care for analysing this too much.