Creative unBlock: Project No.13

The Project:

A Season for No Reason

Make a drawing in black and white and then photocopy the drawing fifty time on card-stock (or enough copies so that you won't 'worry' about how many you've used).

Then 'alter' the image in as many different ways as you can think of with coloured pencils, paint, whatever. You can modify this idea and change it in whatever way you like, but the important thing is to turn off your brain and just play with a repeated form and let your mind see where no ideas of thought processes takes you.

Create your own tight parameters... then give yourself a lot of room to play. Have fun.

This project is set by Trey Speegle, a mixed media artist residing in New York. Originally a self-taught designer, Speegle is now a fine artist, using vintage paint by numbers as inspiration and raw material.

Is it cheating if I used a black and white image I drew sometime ago? I'm saying no. I printed out one of my favourite monoprints onto card stock, both plain and coloured. From here, when watching tv, or just hanging out with the boyfriend I've been doodling and playing with them. I've yet to reach 50. I doubt I will, because that a lot, and I feel like I'm running out of ideas.


I'm reminded of my love for repetition, and when writing this post up I'm reminded that I'm rubbish at documenting the progress; I'm too caught up in the making.


I love working and adapting the same image. I enjoying repetition and it's calming influence over me. There's a meditative effect that I definitely feel could be explored more, especially away from the world of 2D, drawing, works on paper. There is more to be explored in the 3D, and not just through creating works, could you, can you create a live art piece around meditating and repetition? There's only one way to find out I suppose. I'll be back.