Creative unBlock: Project No.6 (Part Two)

The Project:

A daily hand-lettering challenge: Pick a quote you heard that day, either from the news, your favourite TV show or any quote that inspires you, and jot it down in a notebook. Seeking information that inspires you philosophically and intellectually will help you stay motivated making art - and what better way to remember these words than to draw them beautifully? Draw one quote every day for thirty days.

This project is set by Brooklyn-based Mary Kate McDevitt. McDevitt creates such a wonderful pieces, and studied as a graphic designer at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

I have been having so much fun.

I've always liked words, I've always liked writing. I've always liked telling stories, and so I have really, really embraced this project and am happy to say that I'm going to attempt to incorporate this lettering business into my regular practice of being 'creative'. (Which sounds so wanky, I'm sorry)

So here is my latest pieces, I have so far to go, still (but I've come this far).

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