Creative unBlock: Project No. 03

The Project: 

A collage self portrait.

Do blind contour drawings of your eyes, nose and mouth. If you are likely to erase, draw them in pen. Choose the ones you feel best about and collage them together. Draw your face around them and your neck, shoulders and clothing, if there is room. Look closely in a mirror and shade your individual features and hair, using whatever materials you like with as much detail as you need. After you feel good about your portrait, not because it looks exactly like you but because there is an honesty in it, begin writing. Surround your drawings with text, beginning each sentence with, 'if you really knew me, you'd know...' Writing can be legible or illegible, whatever you need to be truthful. Lastly, remember that this is a drawing of you for you, there are no rules, just suggestions. Play and have fun.

No, I won't work through them in numerical order. That takes the element of surprise away.

So the first project I'm partaking in is from Aris Moore, a multidisciplinary artists from the USA, born in Texas and now residing in New Hampshire. 

Please no-one question why I thought it'd be a good idea to start with this project. For one, I hate looking in mirrors. I also have horrible, horrible identity issues. Also at time of writing I am out of practice with contour drawings, well, drawings with detail and stuff. But I've always had a soft spot for drawing blind, and some of my favourite people to follow on instagram do such beauty with contour drawings.

(A contour drawing is where you don't take your pen off you paper if you were wondering)

Anyway, I forgot to photograph a bunch of steps that I did, including drawing all the separate elements in a sketchbook and then cutting/ripping them out, because I can never find a pair of scissors when I need them. Anyway, once I'd played with the elements like this I decided to scan them in, because I have a printer and I shall use it.

Once printed out, I worked on top of these 'portraits' of myself with my copic and tombow pens and then with ink and pen too. Because I went with what was reachable.


Part of me wishes I had just stuck the elements of the face down on paper, My neurotics of wanting to scale the elements to proportions means I lost some of the spontaneity. In trying to make things 'fit' I lost a certain quality that would have been more endearing. Saying that, though, I do have the features in an envelope, I can still play with them.

The final images remind me of art school, they feel melancholic, and slightly miserable, but that is honest, because I am a melancholic and miserable person (who'd of guessed it?). It was fun to play with pens and markers and ink again though, I'd forgotten that.

Important to remember is that these exercises are less about 'final products' and more about process, and I did enjoy the process.