Visual: Creative Spaces

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I miss having a studio. Sadly though, since leaving university; twice I have taken on studios spaces and twice I have ended up working from home more. Meaning that I've wasted so much money. I'm rubbish with money.

Except I want a studio again, I want a space to create works. I want to be able to shut the door, listen to music that I shouldn't admit to, and work. I've pictured it in my head, a huge drafting table that is high enough to work standing up at, huge windows with so much natural light. Crisp clean white walls, one completely bare to try things out on. Working from home is hard when I don't have the space to realise ideas. Scribbled notes in sketchbooks will have to do, but a girl can dream, right?

Until then I'll just have to content myself with gazing at other studios on pinterest. These three are some of my favourites to immerse myself in, and I hope you like them too.

Oh My Clumsy Heart/Brogues In A Coffee Bar/Dianne Tanner