Creative Lifestyle: Selling


Selling is obviously quite a tricky part of living a Creative Lifestyle. Is it rude to ask how much people make from their art? Probably, I know I didn't ask, it's a personal thing, but Meredith, Corina, and Lauren have shared their thought today, and thank you for that :)


meredithYes, as a full-time artist and entrepreneur this is how I make my living.

Selling my art occurs through my website, through friends, through my blog, through my newsletter or even through external sites that I have my artwork listed on. I've found the most success with having my artwork spread across as many platforms as I can to increase exposure and to encourage more connections and collaborations.

Lately I've partnered with Chairish and found there website and presence significantly helps sell get my artwork in front of ambitious buyers and collectors.

I'm still learning how to keep the income flow more steady. I'm currently researching residencies, grants, licensing and working on collaborations with other artists & designers and securing more teaching opportunities.  As an artist, the more avenues of income I can secure, the more I'll be able to explore my creative process and expand my reach. - Meredith

corinaEven though being a graphic designer and producing artworks all the time, i never felt the need to sell them. There are just so many out there that i always felt like doing something different.

Pricing your artworks can be quite tricky. How can you put a price on something you’ve created? Start with your skills, experience, time that you spent on the artwork things that will get you going. It’s fair to set a price that will make you feel good. - Corina

laurenI’ve not done much ‘selling’ recently as I have done in the past but it is something I’ve started considering more after having more and more feedback from people saying they would think certain illustrations would look great on tshirts, etc. I do find the whole ‘selling scene’ online quite intimidating though as there are so many people around the globe creating and putting their work up for sale as well. It’s kind of terrifying! - Lauren

Next week, as part of the Creative Lifestyle series we're talking exhibitions :)