Creative Lifestyle: Research


As part of the creative lifestyle series, this week we're thinking research, are you a Pinterest, Instagram or something else kinda person? Currently, myself, I'm reading, and I'm reading fiction, stories about worlds where anything is possible. I'm also listening to music that pulls me apart and stitches me back together, but what about the lovely women of this creative lifestyle blog series?



Instagram and Pinterest are the leading online resources. But I also love to read and find/research new books about art, creativity and business. Where I find inspiration the most is in the everyday things, like a beautiful person, a marriage of shapes and colors, nature, and emotions.

All the time, but that never stops me. In fact, that's sometimes half the joy of creating is discovering how to make something happen.

How do I not stay inspired! Everything around me is inspiring and beautiful in some way - whether it's colours that naturally occur outdoors, or a colour combination I see when I look at something, the memory of something emotional in my life, going for a walk to clear my head, talking with another creative, reading a book, watching a movie, observing life and movement occur around me - it's all truly inspiring to me.

Honestly, I spend very little time on the computer for fun/inspiration. I rarely read website or blogs and mostly rely on Instagram and social media for inspiration. - Meredith

corinaThis is probably the most common topic that I’ve been asked.  Everybody expects to get a list of websites, or a list of things to do to get inspired. And even though i live on a tropical island, the reality is that 6 days a week i’m stuck in my office working. And just one I’ll get the chance to walk by the sea or do something in my free time that inspires me.

It was about a couple of years ago that I started being really into macro photography. The fact that I was able to see all that beauty and magic in the detail through the lens, when I wouldn’t notice it with my eyes, or pass by so much beauty got me inspired. Ever since, I learned to drain inspiration from every single thing around me. From the way my favourite hand cream smells, to shapes the clementines have when I cut them in the morning. - Corina


Finding inspiration for me is like chasing shadows. The harder I look the further away it becomes. I have never been one to carry a sketchbook with me or plan out my pieces-- I tried so hard to make that a habit but it didn’t take. My first body of work (and a series that keeps popping up) came from a series of photos I took on my phone while driving back and forth from LA to San Francisco. The dry ochre hills against the bright cloudless sky was so striking in its simplicity. I’m most drawn to colour and composition rather than a specific subject. It’s not about painting a blade of grass but a stark green shape that becomes a hill. That’s when I delved into abstracting landscapes with many layers of paint and color. - Kenzie

laurenWith a lot of the artwork I’ve created for my year-long project (#Create365) I’ve found a lot of inspiration through literature, nature and different cultures. A few months back I visited the National Museum in Edinburgh and I came away feeling so refreshed and filled to the brim with ideas.

Other than actually organically finding inspiration, looking at websites like Tumblr or Pinterest always gives me inspiration as there is such a large amount and variety of images on both websites. Sometimes it can feel like diving into the sea though with how much is out there though. - Lauren

Who do you feel most like? Where do you find inspiration? Next week as part of the creative lifestyle blog series we're talking making and process, so (hopefully) see you then :)