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So, here we are, it's the last of this 'Creative Lifestyle' series, which I may possibly do again, I like the idea of creating a "stupid questions to artists and those in the creative lifestyle" series, but also, maybe not. We shall see, if that sounds like something you'd be up for getting on board with though, please do shout me.

I want to say such big thanks to Corina, Meredith, Kenzie and Lauren for answering my questions and agreeing to be part of this. As my first foray into blog series' it's been, well, fun and slight hard work. For the final week my wonderful creatives will be talking about rejection. Without further waffle from me, here we are...

meredithIt doesn't bother me if someone dislikes like my art. Because for me it's all about the process of creating it that's is truly life-giving and valuable. I've also experienced disliking other artists work, and in the end I'm actually a better artist for learning about what I like and dislike. - Meredith

corinaI’ve had all the luck in the world on this topic. Feeling rejection of your artworks can be super hard. I have never experience it when it came to criticism or feedback from readers or other artists. Kindness and positive feedback is something I believe in and it’s something that i’ve been receiving quite a lot.

There was only one incident in the past, which I wouldn’t say it was kind of rejection, but it definitely felt bad. I’m a very impulsive person, and I tend to get easily upset when people are being unfair, to me or anyone else. From that very experience I learnt that not everybody is going to love what we do / our artworks. As long as we love what we do, it represents us and we’re proud of it, well that’s all that matters. We all have different opinions and different tastes, you can’t be everyone’s favourite. And that’s ok. - Corina

kenzieWhen I was in school this was particularly hard for me. I went on the defensive even though looking back my profs were right in their criticism. Now I try to maintain a more objective view of my work, which is a never-ending process. My art is not for everyone but that makes me feel good. I realize now even negative emotion towards a piece is still invoking emotion and isn’t that the goal? - Kenzie

laurenFor a long time I struggled with rejection and negative thoughts on my work which resulted in my losing my passion for just doodling and drawing. Well, that was until the start of the year. Since starting my year-long project I’ve tried to embrace what people say about my work more but don’t let whatever they say undermine me but push me to create something even bigger and better than before. If you let those that say something bad about you or your work get to you, you let them win. But if you take their words and create something even more powerful back, you still hold the power. - Lauren

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