Creative Lifestyle: Making


A big part of living a creative lifestyle is obviously creating and making work. I'm a stop and start and stop and start type of maker, I'm never good at sticking with one thing long. I've always enjoyed making like a mad, crazy lady then having a break and coming back to it later. What about you, how do you make as part of a creative lifestyle?


meredithLately I've used visions from mediation to inspire shapes and images of landscapes to create color combinations. My process begins with targeting my source of inspiration, then I choose what I'll be painting on (canvas, paper, textile), then I mix the paint colors and decide on the technique (visible brush strokes or a more fluid and organic approach), I pick out some music and then I begin painting. Once I'm done, I take a photo of the work and view it throughout the day on my phone to make sure I feel completely done. Then once I've decided it's done, I title it and sign it.

On a good week my daily routine starts with watering the garden, then meditating, then reading, then creating/painting, lunch break, then project work, or coaching sessions, then finally admin/biz work.

It's never a decision if the art is good enough, it's more about does the art create movement and texture that moves me, that inspires me and makes me feel happy. Sometimes I know right away if the paintings are done, other times it takes a few hours or days to decide. The best way I've learned to view the artwork is to take a quick iPhone photo of it, crop out any background so all I see is the painting. I then will occasionally review the photo that day to decide if it's done or if it needs more. - Meredith

corina Favourite part of the day. I really couldn’t see myself without being able to produce art, or have a creative outlet in any kind of way. My creative process, whatever the project always have the same pattern, with a key point, feeling free and liberated. I’ve never started working on something feeling restrained or that i have boundaries. When i sit down, it’s always the same; i take a deep breath and try to open my mind and my eyes. There are so many endless possibilities in what i can create and it’s all about unlocking yourself.

Feeling free, feeling that you can do anything. It’s like the dreams we see. Nothing ever makes any sense, there’s not a specific pattern, or logic, there are no musts or don’ts. There’s a lot of emotion, imagination and the feeling of being free. - Corina

kenzieWhen it comes to actually creating a piece, I tend to have several photographs for a loose reference. Whatever the scene, I most always tone my canvas or paper with a vibrant red or sienna. I love leaving pops of it to peek through in the clouds or fields or whatever it may be. Using a pencil brush I draw in a basic composition that evolves throughout the process. Painting to me feels like I’m working towards finding the finished piece. Although I could argue that I rarely feel like I’ve finished, I’m better now at knowing when to stop. - Kenzie


My process in general will start after having some sort of inspiration/motivation to create will usually start with doodles and sketches. I usually will then go onto fleshing out my artwork in my moleskine using different tools such as pen, water, pencil, paper and paint. A lot of the time though when I am using my moleskine will continue to grow until the page is full or I find a natural place to stop the illustration.

With my design work, it starts in the same kind of way using sketches and doodles. However, after this I will usually move to the computer and either use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to flesh out the idea more and to give it a bit more life. - Lauren

Next Week we're thinking about Selling as part of your creative lifestyle.