Creative Lifestyle: Exhibitions


As part of a creative lifestyle we all love Exhibitions, don't we? Just me, fair enough then. This week the lovely ladies share their thoughts on exhibiting, and exhibitions.


meredithSeveral years ago I exhibited my art in over a dozen group and solo shows. It's been several years since those shows, but now that I'm back to painting full-time, I'm setting up exhibits for the fall and winter of 2015 and 2016.

I really enjoy exhibiting my art. I love watching viewers connect with each piece and hearing their thoughts and interpretations. I also love the energy it creates around the work, like the artwork takes on a whole super-power of its own.

I'm not an avid exhibition goer, but occasionally go to the monthly art crawl here in Nashville. And anytime I'm in NY I check out MoMA. - Meredith

corina Oh how i’ve missed those! Exhibitions... I’m so embarrassed to say, but the past years have been so crazy. Between having two surgeries, getting married, relocating, freelancing and all that, i hardly had the time for exhibitions. The very last one i attended was the Tate museum in London way before i even thought about being a designer.

I knew it would be something with arts, and interior design was on my mind. The Tate got me all inspired, so many different artist, so many different styles. It was the right museum for me, to set me in the creative life. - Corina

kenzieI’ve always been inspired by color so it’s no surprise that my favorite exhibitions were Wayne Thiebaud, Raimonds Staprans and Mark Rothko. To see the thick frosting-like paint on Thiebaud’s cakes in person was so incredible. His work with color play and value is something that I aspire to. Same with Mark Rothko. Until I was dwarfed by the size of Rothko’s Number 14, I couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. Seeing it in an art book it’s only a couple inches big. In reality it’s almost ten feet tall! I was entranced. I love how Raimonds Staprans’ work effectively takes rather banal subject matter and turns them into vibrant mind-bending compositions. He breaks the rules with tangents and value play but it hits me on a spiritual level. - Kenzie

laurenI’ve actually only taken part in 2 exhibitions- one was my Degree show at College last year and the second was down in Edinburgh last month with SomewhereTo_, I really think getting involved with exhibitions, even if it’s just having a look round other peoples ones are extremely important for creative minds as you can explore different ways of thinking and be able to get real, raw feedback from people the instant they see your work. - Lauren

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