Creative Lifestyle: Craft Fairs


It's the penultimate week of the Creative Lifestyle series, next week we're talking and thinking about rejection, but this week we're all about craft fairs.


meredith I've done a few and have one coming up in just a few weeks.

I did make some friends and loved connecting with everyone, including the other vendors. It's a great opportunity to connect with buyers and other creatives face-to-face.

One of the fairs was outside on a very hot day, the other inside up 3 flights of stairs (no elevator). Both were great opportunities, but I would say this: consider the environment and work involved. The outside fair was too hot and not a lot of people were buying or sticking around because of it. The one on the third floor was beautiful, but made it challenging for not only the vendors lugging items up and down stairs but the attendees had to also trek up and down the stairs. Having the fair easy to access and in a comfortable space keeps people interested longer. - Meredith

corinaThere are not so many art or craft fairs where i’m located. The island i live on is pretty small and rarely anything exciting happens. That’s why i never had the luck to visit one. But from what i see those are really the best ones. You get to meet new artists, interact with them and definitely get inspired. - Corina

kenzieI enjoy art fairs but have never participated in one. Transporting my larger oil paintings does not sound fun but I might enjoy having a booth with my watercolor pieces. The juxtaposition created by an uncurated group of artists coming together is something wonderful. - Kenzie

laurenAlthough I have had some experience in selling my work it’s never been at art or craft fairs. At the moment I want to try and build up the work I have so that in the future this could be a possibility but at the current moment I don’t think it is. I would definitely love to be able to do one at some point though as the ones I’ve been to have always had very lovely and inviting artists/crafters selling their work. - Lauren