Creative Lifestyle : Connections


So, a few months ago I came up with an idea for a blog series, which then went through a million and one changes before it became something I was happy to share. It's taken awhile for me to get here, as it always does. I knew I wanted to talk to a range of those who are living (and loving) their own creative lifestyle.

I asked my most favourite creatives to answer some questions on the creative lifestyle, and for the next seven weeks those artists will be sharing their thoughts on a variety of subjects. Some of these creative people you may know, and some you may not, so please, enjoy.

Please feel free to carry on the conversation in the comments too; this is all about sharing and learning, it's about never feeling alone.

meredithSometimes it's me reaching out to another creative and other times it's the opposite. I'm fearless and don't hesitate to reach out or ask questions when the inspiration hits. Social media, magazine articles, websites; anywhere I find something that inspires me and tugs at me to learn more, I reach out.

Some of my closest friends and the creatives I admire the most are the ones I've made connections with. It's one thing to follow or watch someone, it's another to feel connected, like friends, with others who live states, even continents away. For me, making connections online and off with other creatives fuels me and is incredibly helpful and supportive when you're a solo entrepreneur and artist.

I can't think of one negative thing about having creative friends. Creative or not, they're each unique and bring something to the world that I enjoy being in company with. - Meredith


There’s so much beauty when artists connect. I’ve found it one of the most beautiful things about the social media. Not only being inspired, but getting to learn so many things from each other and improve and elevate the way that you work. - Corina

kenzie I’m not very good at self promotion or selling myself to people. Even writing this is a challenge for me. I’m a typical studio artist that just wants to be alone in my studio. The area where I live doesn’t have a thriving art scene so most of my artist connections are online. That’s something I’m working on this year in particular, to meet more people and create stronger relationships. - Kenzie


As someone who not only will be working in the Creative Industries as a designer but also someone who just enjoys putting artwork out there for fun I find that connections are such a huge and important aspect of it. Throughout the two years of blogging as ‘OhHay!’ I’ve made so many friends and connections with people. Without coming across those people my artwork and design work would not be the same, they’re huge inspirations to me. The only negative kind of thing I’ve seen about Artist connections through blogging I’ve seen is that it has been extremely difficult to find like-minded people but with creating the Creative Bloggers Chat I hope this has become easier for other bloggers. - Lauren

Next week our four delightful women of 'Creative Lifestyle' will be talking about where they research and find inspiration.