#Create365 - The Failure

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Well, that fell flat on it's face didn't it? Sometimes we have to admit when something isn't working, and although I could have kept pushing the truth is, I don't have the time (right now) to take and edit a photo every day. Nor do I want to.

But it's not all a waste of time.

What I can, and would like to do though, is to take a photo everyday on a film camera, I have yet to decide of what, maybe, depending on the camera I pick it might even be a double exposure. See, now I'm excited and that's good, a project of that length should be exciting, in my own opinion. Or at least it needs to be exciting to me. I know myself, and I know that unless I am excited there is no way I'm seeing a project through for a whole year.


I have thought of a project that I can do with the photos I already have that are un-posted. It'll be along a similar vein of an a-z of you and me

So here's to failure and here's to giving up and here's to new starts - which, really, has always been my life.

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