Coastal Currents 2017 - Department of the Interior

Tom Dale displayed his 6.5m high black leatherette bouncy castle for four days at the Masonic Hall, and I felt lucky to visit and see it. This thing is monolithic.

I asked if I could bounce on it, the overwhelming urge to have fun in that space. But no, visitors can touch it (or even hug it, like I did) but bouncing is strictly prohibited and it's interesting, that even as an adult I do not take kindly to being told no.

But this piece to me speak so much to that boundary of where we are growing and we're not allowed to do the adult things, they are off limits - but in truth, there's nothing particularly special about these adult activities that we try to protect children from. Had I bounced on the castle there is a chance that after the initial joy I would have deflated. It is in the book 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' by Lionel Shriver that this idea was first presented to me, but I think it fits here.

Dale mentions that the work 'exemplifies the frustration and futility that governance and bureaucracy often pose at an individual and collective level', and it does that, but also I am reminded (again by We Need To Talk About Kevin) that these rules are, in ways, flimsy at best. There was, in truth, nothing really stopping me from running and jumping on this structure. Even, had I landed on it and received Something Bad happen to me it would still be my own self preservation that stopped me jumping on it. 

Since seeing Department of the Interior, I keep musing on what exactly happens when we do which we are told not to. 

And I'm not just talking about bouncy castles.

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