Cautionary Tales - Jo Redpath and Liz Finch at The Observer BLD


Cautionary Tales was an exhibition that I desperately needed in that moment on that day. There was something immediately uplifting investigating the beautifully creepy works. The whole exhibition held some secret narrative that I could only guess to.

I've always felt that looking at art can, at times, be weirdly voyeuristic. At certain times the viewer is almost as much of the work, feeling uncomfortable and intrusive despite being invited to view the works and this show hit every note of that in a perfect way. I felt like I'd been dropped into the psyche of Finch and Redpath, and felt like I had to use the subtle clues to work out the story, and that this story was something deeply raw and unnerving, and I loved it.

Throughout the show I felt reference to Louise Bourgeois (and by extension, Tracey Emin), Marya Kazoun, and, bizarrely, Sarah Lucas. There was a poetry to the show that was delightful, with Liz Finch adding textual pieces throughout the exhibition, little notes that added to the story attached to this particular show. The show has a dream-like feeling. where, especially the works of Finch, there is an immediacy to capture a moment, how ever conscious we are of that moment or the impact of the moment.

I'd be telling everyone to go see Cautionary Tales, but it closed last Sunday. Instead I'll leave you with photographs and memories I have.

Liz Finch / Jo Redpath