Carlton Mellick III - The Reading List


Once I asked a doctor, "What is wrong with me?" I figured he wouldn't believe me. Even I don't believe me. Who ever heard of acid ocean eyes?

But the doctor was just staring at his wall, paying no compassion.

Then he shrugged.

He said, "There is always something wrong with someone."

Carlton Mellick III writes books that arrest me. I soak his words up like a sponge and devour them over and over again. I'm not even sure how I stumbled across Mellicks books. I know that when I first bought Satan Burger I had to try three different places online and eventually had it shipped from the US.

In the underground lit scene is a group of bizarro-writers. It's surrealism on acid and it's dark, strange and more than likely a little offensive. There are stories about pornographic Jesus and  professors stuck in port-a-loos trying to liberate theirs minds from reason. Post-modern fantasies that read like Kafka and Burroughs are going drink for drink with tequila.

Although now widely available through amazon and others, Eraserhead Press were the first to start publishing these off-the-wall books and Carlton Mellick III is there spearheading the movement. There are such beautiful one liners in anything Mellick writes, which stay stored in the back of my mind and come to the forefront when my life reaches that dirty place which feels like a Mellick book.

Carlton Mellick III takes the most bizarre concepts (did he study philosophy, because theres some very bizarre theories there?) and treats them with such beautiful sincerity, my favourite of his books is Satan Burger, where God decides his children are no longer worthy and reposes their souls. His new children of the earth are far more interesting, so why keep human 1.0 around?

But Richard Stein said that there are very few people in the world that don't laugh at the pitiful and the misfortune, which means that most human beings are generally mean and/or have maggots in the brain. But mean people and maggot-brained people can be pitiful themselves, so there was a lot of confusion among humans before their souls were lost.

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