Brighton - In which I Discuss Politics, Theresa May, and Trump


Unrelated imagery at it's finest (or not, my camera is buggered).

The Vandal tells me that Brighton reminds him of San Francisco, he teaches me and I listen. We drink Corona and eat Burritos. It's nice and that sounds under-whelming but it isn't. With such turmoil about, to have a nice time is so precious.

Very little feels nice right now. In a bit I'm going to embed lots of tweets that are important, that are worth clicking, because right now I feel that blogging is perfunctory, it feels frivolous in a way that is wrong.

I am in shock that Theresa May would even spend time in the company of Trump. I am concerned that leaving the European Union is so very dangerous, especially right now and I have dreams of crying women. This is real.

Support Muslims by amplifying Muslim leaders, like:

- @saharazizlaw - @RajooWeyn - @lsarsour - @aayoub - @Margari_Aziza - @TinyMuslimah

— Khaled Beydoun (@KhaledBeydoun) January 31, 2017

I can't just sit back and watch, questioning, and I am full of confusion. I realise the dangers of living in an echo chamber. If we only ever surround ourselves with similar viewpoints we never learn anything, we never have our beliefs challenged. We miss important chances to grow. My echo chamber is one full of art, of beauty and truth, but also of equality and safety. I, and many of those I surround myself with believe we are right to stand up for the rights of those different from us. I am and I am surrounded by mostly women who believe in body-autonomy and the right to choose, we believe is listening to the LGBT Community, listening to People of Colour and those with less privileges than ourselves.

Serious question: What can I, a 21 year old Brit, do to fight the #MuslimBan? How do I take action against this? #NoBanNoWall

— Liv ✨ (@oawoodward) January 28, 2017

I don't see this as a bad thing, but it leaves me alienated from those that did vote to leave Europe, that did vote for Trump. It has been a long time since I sat and watched the news on tv and I think I've taken to tuning out the news on Radio 4 when I'm at home because it is so so heartbreaking. I'm catching the best and worst of the latest happenings on social media, but that is the echo chamber that isn't really helping me to understand how some people can think that this is all a good idea.

Note: there will be Trump supporters aghast at his disasterous administration. Plz encourage solidarity moving forward & avoid angry blame.

— Hend Amry (@LibyaLiberty) January 30, 2017

I am lucky. I am white, I am British and the roof over my head is fairly secure. I have access to the NHS and wasn't particularly interested in ever visiting America anyway. (Although access to the NHS could be all gone within years if Theresa May opens it up to the anti-socialised-healthcare-Donald-Trump).

they use "religious freedom" 2 make us hate queer ppl they use queer "safety" 2 make us hate muslims dont fall for it dont let us be divided

— lαrissα phαm (@lrsphm) January 30, 2017

I had so many plans for this space, I really did, but other things seem to much more important. I was going to write about how I screenprint at home, (then remembered Ella did one), how I monoprint, block print, art shows and photos of flowers. I can't bring myself to do it though, I was going to host a giveaway but that too seemed unsavoury right now.  I'm not saying I'm suddenly going to become a political commentator, I'm saying things are changing and I'm going with the flow.

Due to recent events, there will be incidents of ppl assaulting muslims. Here's how you can help a woman who's had her hijabi pulled off.

— nañi (@pettyblackgirI) January 30, 2017

For now though, if you want art, or words, or anything else, you can find me on social media, trying to do my bit.

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