The Age Of Loneliness

The Guardian had an article recently on 'The Age of Loneliness' (Which you can read here).

In this age the press are talking about individuals and their fame, their successes; but do we know who are neighbours are? I value and appreciate the blogging community as a way of connecting to those inspiring individuals that may not live around the corner. It's import to me at to make connections away from the computer screen as well. Sometimes a hug on a bad day is exactly what you need. If this is the age of loneliness, I don't want to take part. Loneliness is horrible and ostracises, it eats up the soul from the inside out.

The Guardian article mentions that childhood aspirations are to be rich, and not necessarily in love and experience, these kids want the money and the fame rich. The year is 2015 and we're all fighting tooth and claw for the last rotten bone.

The 1% is real and it seems half of the 99% are chasing the dream that the 1% are living in. Money, goodies, a large bank balance. As highlighted in the article, competition drives growth, but that's not good when everyone is just out for themselves. It's not wrong to want the best for yourself, I'd never say that, but when you're trampling everyone else for it, maybe questions need to be asked?

And maybe I'm not the person to be asking those questions. It's not wrong to want more from life. If we never wanted more than where we were at that moment, they'd be no trajectory. We'd stagnate and stale, surely? If we never wanted to learn, if we were incapable of it, would we not stay as babes in arms?

I suppose it's about how we move forward in life more than the moving forward. If we're beating, battering and killing to move up, can that ever be good?

I'd rather tread quietly making good decisions than barge in gung-ho and angry at the world.