Aesthetics Are Important


Aesthetics are important, but they are also enough.

I desperately try to rarely allow myself to get worked up by things these days, especially on the internet, when you can't hear tone, or see body language (both of which I rely on so much to gauge people).

Sometimes though, I allow myself to get hurt over inconsequential things.

But aesthetics are important and not everything has to have some deeper meaning, finding something beautiful is meaning enough, it's something that myself and my tattooist have discussed on numerous occasions.

Not every fucking tattoo you have has to have a deep and meaningful meaning to you or anyone else for that matter.

And you should never be expected to explain why you like what you like.

Fuck it, I chose to have images on my body that I liked the look of, and I'd urge everyone to do the same. You think it looks pretty, you think it'd look pretty on your skin and you've got a decent tattoo artist? Go for it.

As an artist, maybe i should be looking for deeper meanings in art, but ultimately, I like what I like because I like it (bad sentence structure right there). Sometimes yes, it has a deeper meaning to me, just like music, but sometimes, hey, I just like the way it sounds (The Lonely Island? Anyone?!)

The fact that some do not see the value in aesthetics is fine, but it's not cool to make people feel bad for liking something just because it's pleasing to the eye.

This goes beyond tattoos, this reaches far into everywhere, the way you decorate, the clothes you wear. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your idea of beauty is as valid as anyone else's, your personal aesthetics are important (but you knew this, didn't you?)

This falls with feelings too, i feel shit right now, no fucking secret and part of me wants to go round screaming from the rooftops that someone needs to just shoot me, but that isn't going to help anyone, and i doubt it would help me either.

The only person you ever need to explain your actions to, is yourself. I, you and everyone we know has to live with our own actions*.

And sometimes, I do the things I do because something in me needs to go to that place I know I shouldn't, because sometimes we really need to tear everything apart to find the way forward. I Will defend the right of anyone to like what they like, just because they like it, be it music, art, tattoos, literature, people, culture, tv, films and everything in between, because not only is beauty in the eye of the beholder, it's also our differences that make the world so fucking interesting.

*if you've been killing people this ain't cool, neither is abuse of any kind.

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