Women's Rights


(Images of foetus' and embryos removed for everyone's safety).

In twenty-four hours Hastings can mobilise 70+ people to counter protest In twenty-four hours Hastings can come together to protect the vulnerable. To stand up for those without a voice, to stand up for those that can't.

Special mentions go to:

  • The wonderful, wonderful gentleman who arrived with his A4 sign that said 'defend women's rights'. He obviously knew no-one else there and I congratulate him for coming out to stand with us.
  • The man that ran up to ESK to get us bamboo poles as our signs weren't quite high enough to obscure the images that abort67 (no they don't deserve a capital letter) were showing.
  • Reuben, for bringing hot tea.
  • The person that bought cakes.
  • Leigh, a wonderful lady I met who had such similar experiences to me. #Solidarity.
  • Snotflower and Pickles, for getting freezing cold with me.
  • The police officers that kept the peace and reminded us that there have been high-court injunctions to stop abort67 from showing these images.

It doesn't stop here though, we will be even more prepared when they come back, and they will. We will stand and debate, we will protect women's rights. If you're so inclined there is a facebook group here, where we are coming up with ideas for other actions, fundraising for charities that support women no matter what choice they make. Protecting the vulnerable. We will not go quietly into the night.

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