A New Today

new year 2019.jpg

I contemplated deleting everything and starting again, but I didn’t, I have no reason for that that I can give you. An internet presence can feel like a cumbersome thing, so I’ll edit, I’ll adapt, I’ll renew - with a clear path of where I’ve been.

I feel like this photo, and I’m sure you’re all eager to here updates on my experiences with Vortioxetine, and maybe my photography plans. Maybe you’re here because you found me on twitter, or more likely, instagram. Maybe you’re here because you do know me, or you think you do, or maybe you once knew me, maybe baby.

I don’t really care about any of that though. Not in this moment when I’m writing this. Right now, as selfish as it may be, (maybe) all I care about is expunging some feelings. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m putting all my tears and all my sorrow onto these words and I’m sending them out into the ether in the hope of leaving some room for the good things.