A Day In The Life - 30/12/16


I felt like there was something nice in starting the year with a day that I did the year before. It sounds romantic and poetic, when really it's just my laziness in sorting anything out in good time. What can I tell you about the 30th that makes it note worthy? In truth, the most exciting things were getting my glasses repaired (they broke on Christmas day at work, and it took me five days to go to Specsavers because I was full of flu); and the printer.

Worth noting is that on the 30th, St Leonards looked impressively like Silent Hill. I've become a fan of spooky stories in recent years (r/nosleep anyone?) and I would not of been surprised to see zombies. Also, yes our statue of Queen Victoria not just has bullet holes from the war, but often a cone on her head (apart from that time someone made a giant Walnut Whip for her).

I did a very good job of walking home without buying any plants from any of the florists I have to pass. I did try, on my walk home to find pretty things. I really did.

The Vandal came round once I'd showered and washed work off of me. At which point we endeavoured to set up my new printer, which is literally the most exciting thing. It was also the reason for most of my tears on Christmas day. (You may remember I mentioned the printer in one Currently Coveting post from last year).

Why did I want an expensive printer you ask? Why not?! But no, in all seriousness, they'd been so many scans and adaptions of my monoprints that I wanted to be able to print them off so I could put them on the wall and decide I hate them and improve.

If you follow me on instagram you'll have noticed that I have been a printing machine and I am enjoying it so much. Although I haven't spoken about it since 2015 (?!) I'm back screenprinting again too. Those experiments from 2015 are still loitering in the flat and although I had an etsy shop selling these screenprints, I'm not sure if I want to go down that route again. The first step is to exhibit something. Again, that's something I didn't do in 2016, for a variety of reasons. (And actually the first step isn't do exhibit, the first step is to do something I'm actually proud enough to exhibit).

Anyway, depending on how long you've even cared about what I've been doing (or clicked any of those links) you might recognise some experimental prints from the new printer. (and The Vandal did some drawing).

I want to say that The Vandal and I then went and did something hedonistic and interesting, but truth is were both so full of flu that it was chicken soup and The OA on Netflix, which, you guys, is amazing. If you liked Stranger Things then you might well like The OA, it's just the right kind of creepy weird that I really get into.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, was my 30th of December 2016.

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