Beach Life

I think, if i lived in a city I'd miss the sea too much., because my emotions are like the oceans, turbulent and unpredictable. I am the moon.

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Coronation Wood + Old Roar Ghyll

The Vandal and I, we went for a walk and sometimes it's nice be able to switch off and walk in silence. It's nice and nice feels like the worst adjective but it is nice and these is nothing wrong with nice. He cooks, he cleans, he loves me and it's all so nice it's almost sickening. 

I tell him not to tell me he loves me, because I don't any of this ruined by a reminder that this might not last. On the Friday when he goes home, he asks to take a screenprint and I let him. He leaves me and I want to cry for no other reason than I'm aware that these things don't last forever and my track record isn't brilliant. I try to be secretive but deep down I think he knows. There's a future and a history hanging out side by side and that's when I realise I didn't put the lens cap back on my camera. 

Urbexing: Castlemaine Cottage

Over the road from Spyways School is Castlemaine Cottage, a place I stumbled across completely by accident.

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen me say I found the cutest cottage, and I still think it's ridiculously cute, and I still want to live in it despite being 80% sure that the previous occupants died here. 

I have dreams recently, in which I keep trying to throw things out but these things keep coming back. I could place meaning on these dreams, or I could take them for what they are, my brain firing neurones and giving me pictures of things while I lay not-so-quite still.

Urbexing: Spyways School, Hastings

The last remaining piece of Spyways School stands close enough to where I grew up that I can almost see my Mother's house through the trees. The only way in to the building is to the far right of the graffiti through a hole that I think I'm too big to get through.

"The school was founded in 1973 as the Woodyates Study Centre and it moved into more spacious premises at Swanage, Dorset in 1976, when it became the Spyway School moved to Gillmans Hill, St Leonards, Hastings in 1983 and it closed in July 1990. The school was a co-educational day and boarding school for children from five to eighteen years."

The headmaster is rumoured to have killed himself before child sex abuse charges were brought against him.