35mm Cameras


As I'm sharing the 35mm photos I thought I'd share more on the cameras I've been using for these photos, because you know, why not?.

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Praktica mtl-50

The Praktica MTL 50 is heavy, and I like that. I like feeling the camera in my hands. This SLR is wonderful to shoot with, I'm currently using a Pentacon 1.8/50 lens, which is great for portraits. It's got a hot-shoe flash and a brilliant light meter - when you look through the view finder there's a needle to the right that lets you know if your F-stop. Also, this wonderful camera was manufactured between 1985-89, and although I don't always like to put meaning where there isn't always some, this does have meaning to me


The Fed series of cameras are Russion 'Leica' copies. If you've ever looked for a Leica, you'll have seen the HEFTY price tag. I'm poor, but this rangefinder has been so much fun so far. I will say, setting up the shots on this one is slightly trickier than the Praktica, with knobs and levers all over the place, but this too also has a light meter. Pointing the camera will trigger the needle to swing to the correct values. I think the Fed is actually heavier than the Praktica, so the chances of me lugging both around are slim. The viewfinder, like on the Smena, is miles away from the lens, which adds to the surprise when getting film developed.

Smena 8M

I've given some history on the Smena before, these were rolled out in the USSR from 1952 up until 1980. It's light, it's pretty much 80% plastic, but it is fun. There's no light meter, a very basic shutter speed changer and you have to remember to cock the shutter before taking a photo - but, you can rewind and wind on the film where ever you please to take as many photos on a single frame that you like. Despite being plastic, it's fairly robust. This is also the cheapest of these cameras, and was picked up on ebay for about £3.00.

I'm also eyeing up a Zorki, a Ricoh 50, and a variety of films. On my mission for creativity I stumbled across revolog - who produce film that I can't work out is genius or cliched - either way I'll probably buy some, at some point.

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