35mm Adventures

35mm adventures.png

Smena 8M with FujiColour Superia X-Tra 400 ft. my feet, one of Grace and many of Rachel.

I've had the Smena for a few years now, and for such an unassuming plastic thing, it's pretty super. It's a rangefinder camera, which means focusing on anything is quite hilarious, especially as the viewfinder is a good five centimetres away from the actual lens and doesn't actually change if you change your focal range. Yet the Smena become this little box of plastic fun, allowing the user to create double exposures in camera, set aperture, focal length and shutter speed and to choose the amount wound on. It takes a flash too.

I should probably use a light-metre when using this camera, but I never do that. I don't even check what f-stop I'm using if I'm also shooting with my digital camera - although not 'perfect' some images look so much better over or under exposed.

There's a review on lomography.com on the Smena 8M that sings this camera's praises even more than I do, if you want to know more, or lomography is your thing. Lomography isn't really my thing - but some people get some good results and it's interesting to see the effects others achieve.