1067 Mind Invasion at The Observer Building


How to describe 1067 Mind Invasion in one sentence?


There was free Prosecco (did not drink too much - do you believe me?), there was order and chaos, and such eye candy. Not only was the exhibition full of fabulous art, it was full of fabulous people. I've said it before and I've said it again, I love this town and I love the people I know here.

The last time I mentioned The Observer Building I was less than impressed with the art exhibition, I am over-joyed to announce that since then I've enjoyed several, including two from Photo Hastings (which I never photographed because I forgot or didn't have my camera or 1000 other reasons).

It was super to see some art by people I knew (including Tom of the Offensive Nipple Brigade, Peter Quinnell, Dave, Rob Sample, Chris Milton, Jane Marriner, Jason Williams, Amanda Jobson etc etc) and people I don't. I left feeling up lifted and warmed by the whole experience of The Private View. There wasn't any pretentiousness, just appreciating and enjoying art - which are the best types of evenings.

1067 Mind Invasion is a collage show and the variety of artworks show how the medium can be pushed into realms of surreality. So many of the works referenced political movements locally, nationally and internationally. Many challenged how we view sexuality and gender - there was even pieces referencing that 9/11 was a conspiracy (and that made me so happy, I'm not normal I'm sure).

It was amazing to see the pieces juxtaposed in the way they were, with delicate squares telling their own little narratives and points-of-view. It made me want to explore collage and my own areas of interest within the medium. Maybe one day.

Anyway, enough words from me; from the show catalogue:-

“It could be the most extensive survey of British collage in the last 10 years,” says Liz Finch, organizer and artist for the 1067 Group’s major exhibition set to open with the private view on 4 December at 6.30 pm at The Observer Building in Hastings, UK. The exhibition features the work of 26 artists and runs through 20 December, 2015.

Following the success of the previous Hastings exhibition 10 years ago, the 1067 Group invades Hastings again, this time in a larger, more generous venue. Formerly comprised of East Sussex-based artists and designers, the 1067 Group has expanded to include a handful of internationally known collage artists. The range of works and magic woven by these artists, will clearly rival any London show surveying contemporary collage.

“Each artist will present some 20 works, with the sole restriction that each piece measure 15 x 15 inches square,” says Hastings artist Peter Quinnell. “The exhibition promises to be a high-quality survey with works ranging from a current interest in geometric abstraction and pop to surrealism and text-infused realism.”

“For me, collage is another way of essay writing, of spelling, of producing a philosophical (realist) text,” says Paris-based American artist, Matthew Rose. “What is always compelling about collage is its capacity to stack and stagger meaning from a simple paper base. In the 1067 Mind Invasion exhibition, I use paint sample grids to discuss theology and technology.”

The Observer Building is in the heart of the Hastings Art District: Artists, illustrators, film makers, fashion designers often congregate in the commons areas, to meet, greet and exchange ideas that are making the British art world tick.

Michael Leigh, the British Fluxus & Mail artist from Manchester, notes that “The Observer Building is a magnet for artists and musicians experimenting every which way. One of the coolest places in England.” He points out that “1067” is a reference to the Battle of Hastings, which took place in 1066 and put the Norman French in control of the British Kingdom. “Of course, 1067 is a year late to the Norman Invasion party,” says Leigh.

1067 Mind Invasion is on until the 20th December