To Read: Art Theory

August 29, 2016
art theory books

I’ve piled these three together because they all reference each other, as a starter into reading art theory and learning about contemporary art they’re good to begin with. Each book discuss why contemporary art is art, and why it matters. Each book is a collection of essays, that can be read together or dipped into as and when required. But Is It Art? Cynthia Freeland (Published 2001) The 1980s raised consciousness about identity politics, as many younger people with hybrid or…

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a day in the life

A Day In The Life – 24|08|16

Yo. Wednesday was actually pretty uninteresting, the weather was absolutely divine, but also too hot. Technically for the first eight hours of Wednesday I was at work, but considering I can’t and won’t really talk about that my day started at eight a.m. Well,…

August 26, 2016
Personal Art Work

I Am Giant #2

You can keep up to date instantly with instagram, and if you too fancy being drawn by me, send me a photo; I double dare you.   Follow…

August 25, 2016
an a-z of you + me


If you don’t have the words, then maybe your heart is empty, now you’re more machine than man. I am machine. She told me to pack my bags and get the fuck out of the scene. I told her I didn’t need to ask…

August 24, 2016
ian francis

Favourite: Ian Francis

[my work is] about pornography and news reports from war zones rather than sex and death. Ian Francis makes me wish I could paint. There are very few painters I can say that about, but it’s not just the paintings that fascinate me, but…

August 22, 2016